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How do I know when my script is ready for coverage?

Many writers make the mistake of refining and tooling with their script endlessly before getting feedback. Keep in mind that you will most likely be cutting and replacing scenes after you get our feedback, so a lot of what you could be refining may not even end up in the final draft. Short answer - once you write FADE OUT, it's time to get a pro perspective!

Wait, did you say the turnaround is only a few days?

Yes, sometimes even one or two days. Even with our high volume, we have enough readers to handle it!

Do you try to get a percentage of my sale if I sell a script after you've given me feedback?

No, our work is considered done once we give you notes. Though we do like to hear your successes, so please keep in touch!

How do I know you aren't going to make my movie without me?

We are in the business of helping writers, not stealing from them. As Blake Snyder says in his famous screenwriting book "Save The Cat!", keeping your work secret is typically not a concern that experienced screenwriters have. The odds of a thief getting their hands on your screenplay and then being resourceful enough to make your film, all while knowing they will get sued after it's been produced... are very low. However, always register your scripts with the Writer's Guild and/or Copyright office just to be safe. We won't send your script to anyone without your permission.

Do you work on novels?

Yes, please e-mail info@novelcoverage.com with a PDF of your novel and we can discuss if you would like general notes or an adaptation memo for advice on how to best convert it to the screen.

Can I ask follow up questions about the coverage?

Yes. And you can also request the same reader again if you like them, for revisions, or for a new draft. We do ask for a $10 request fee/bonus for a reader if you are special requesting them.

I scoured the internet and found a complaint about your work, calling it a ripoff.

Since there is only one negative "review" of our service anywhere, we know what you're referring to. As you may have noticed on that site, they feature supposedly negative reviews of small businesses, like the one cobbled together about our site. That site tries to extort money out of small businesses to get the "reports" removed. We will not pay them. Read up on them. Their owner has made a small fortune off this and lives in hiding.

Is there a discount for reviewing new drafts of the same script?

Since we are already so affordable, we can't offer discounts for new drafts. Revision coverage actually can often take a little more time, as the reader has to refresh themselves on the previous draft as well. Other companies may offer a discount for revisions, but that is typically because their prices are inflated in the first place :)

What if I'm tired of reading these answers and am ready to submit?

That's a great question, and we can help you with the submit page link.

More questions? info@screenplaycoverage.com or look on the lower right of this page to see if we are online to chat!



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