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ScreenplayCoverage.com is the most trusted resource for getting a screenplay to the next level. What is screenplay coverage? Hollywood Readers give coverage reports to their supervisors on screenplays coming across their desk, grading them on multiple categories, with analysis.

We provide our clients with the unique ability to see what their coverage would look like if their screenplay had been submitted, and include comprehensive advice on how to improve the screenplay on every level!

Many agents and production companies will ask to see a coverage report on your script. Now you'll have one, plus valuable advice.

Your screenplay might be a few changes away from becoming a great story, and all you need is the fresh eyes of someone who has given feedback on hundreds, if not thousands, of screenplays.

We also offer proofreading, treatments, and performed audio readings.

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"Just wanted to update you on the coverage you provided me on my script, SOLACE... Not only did the movie have its world premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA earlier this month but it also won the Jury Award for Best Dramatic Narrative Feature.  Thanks again for all of your assistance!" -Vandon Gibbs, author of “Solacce"

"The screenplay you gave me coverage on, AGAINST THE WILD, was produced and just sold in the US for a blockbuster amount to Stars/Anchor Bay. Also sold in several foreign territories were it will air in prime time on a number of national broadcasters. Now I'm writing the sequel which takes place in Africa. Thanks for your help!" -Richard Boddington, author of “Against the Wild"

"The script you covered, GALAX, has been produced and just received a worldwide distribution deal. Currently it's being reviewed by AMC theatres for consideration to be released in their theatres as well!" -Paul Hill, author of “GALAX"

“I got exactly what I needed -- an unbiased, impartial opinion. I knew there things wrong with the script but my ego blocked me from seeing what they were. I knew it was too long , particularly the first part of the story, but it was impossible for me to objectively analyze it. Now I have a concrete, tangible road map to get the script where it needs to go. Thanks!” -Lee Eide, author of “Desperate Plan

"Eternal Damned Nation, a screenplay I submitted to you last year for coverage was funded and produced and recently accepted into the Fright Night film festival. It's also now signed with a domestic distributor and foreign sales agent." -Alan Del Tufo, author of “Eternal Damned Nation”

“Dead on notes! Very honest and incredibly insightful. The best notes I received after trying four other sites that I felt gave me nothing credible to work with. I’ve already recommended your services to three other writers.” -Martin Khoshaba, author of “A Friendly Wager”

"The turnaround time was fantastic. This coverage is allowing me to go into my rewrite with more focus and drive than countless table reads and pitch sessions would have. In many cases the reader confirmed some of my suspicions (too many coincidences, one character's arc moves much too quickly) and in others he or she pointed out issues that seem frustratingly obvious to me now, but of course, that's why the readers get paid. He or she also seemed to really dig the premise, which was encouraging." -Kelly Wells, author of “Ten Deaths"

“The coverage you gave me was fabulous. It was spot-on -- even with some of the most brutal comments. Since eventually getting a "Recommend" from you, I've received numerous requests for my comedy spec, "The Exec." It's currently being developed with a couple of major producers in Hollywood of films that everyone would know. None of this would've been possible without your brilliant coverage and fast turn around times. Thanks to everyone involved!” -Tim Earnheart, author of “The Exec”

"I want to thank you for the excellent work you’ve done with my script coverage. The evaluation was clear, detailed, and extremely helpful. That, along with your fast turnaround time and affordable pricing, has made me a loyal customer. You have my highest recommendation! Please give your reader my personal thanks ... he/she did an incredible job. Update 12-9-10: Things have gone very well with the script, thanks to you and your coverage service team. The script took a first place win at the Northern California Screenwriters and Filmmakers Expo screenplay competition in Napa, California on March 28th of this year, Thank you again for your excellent help and direction. I recommend your service to fellow screenwriters all the time. " -Michael “Doc” McCoy, author of “Under the Rising Sun”

It's funny how you can work so long on something and think it to be air-tight, only for someone to come along and point out more holes than 900 tonnes of Swiss cheese! I think I may even enjoy the re-write because I have excellent notes to refer to. Please thank both of your readers for their efforts and incisive notes for me. I knew I'd be glad I came to you guys and I'll be back with my improvements in a few months.." -Paul Bedford, author of “Hiding The Sorcerer”

“I just found out that the script you did coverage on, The Catalyst, is now a Semi Finalist at the Table Read Your Screenplay contest. Thanks for everything!” -Machelle Allman, author of “The Catalyst”

“Thanks for the great feedback once again. Your reader really has a talent for analyzing the script and making observations that lead me to solutions for problems I was aware of but couldn't quite figure out. And his enthusiasm for the script really means a lot to me. ” -Gordon Rayfield, author of “Alison Offline”

"The 30 page short ACTIVITY BUS #61 that you guys helped me with, was announced as a finalist in the "Contest of Contest Winners" screenplay competition. Thanks for everything!" -William Parsons, author of “Activity Bus #61”

“Your company has everything I look for in a script coverage service: Experienced readers who know what development execs look for in a script, reports that are a generous mix of praise and constructive criticism, including specific examples of how I can improve my work, a cheerful willingness to respond to follow-up requests for clarification of their comments, and a pricing structure that, unlike other coverage services I tried that lump their analysis and script synopsis writing into one expensive take-it-or-leave-it package, allows me to pay for just the service I want.” -Curtis Nelson, author of "At Close Quarters”

“I heard Adam Carolla mention you guys on his show. I'm glad I did! I will be using your service again in the future. You provided a lot of great notes and gave me a lot to work on. Your coverage and notes were exactly what I needed.” -Ben Nesvig, author of “Welcome to the Real World”

"Wow, that was fast! I found the notes very helpful and plan on implementing them into a rewrite. I'd like to request the same reader to read my next draft too, to see if I scored any higher. I really value that reader's opinion and it's obvious that they have a lot of experience in comedy." -Chad Braund, comedyscreenplaysthatcouldmakeyoulaughyourassoff.com

"I would love the opportunity to submit some of our other works, we got way more out of your feedback than when we used another "Professional" on another project. Just a note - in a business where words mean so much all the constructive criticism was offered in a diplomatic way. I never felt chastised or talked down to." -Pati Hough-Bader, co-author of "Kidnapping Gone Hollywood"

“It was honest script coverage done by an experienced reader. The reader did a good job of pointing out what in the script wasn’t working: story/character arcs that weren’t developed enough, where the plot was thin, where characters weren’t clearly motivated, etc. The reader also noted things that were well written. Even though this reader obviously didn’t think much of the premise, there wasn’t the typical kneejerk reaction of, “this is crap so I’ll skim it.” There was a thoughtful analysis of every major aspect of the script. I think the coverage was a good value and is proving very useful during this rewrite.” -A.K., author of “Cold War”

“Superior work on both coverage reports. I appreciate the fact that your readers point out things they like (incredibly helpful and encouraging) and suggest ways to improve things they don't (also incredibly helpful and encouraging). And their writing is fun to read.” -Jim Starr, author of “Seduction of the Will & Bravo Yankee”

“I’ve used several different companies for script coverage, some of whom were cheaper and some of whom were almost twice your fee, but overall none of them were as thoughtful as your comments. All my scripts have a Biblical message and a lot of readers cannot suspend their own faith issues long enough to give objective feedback. So I appreciated your style so far as the best I’ve received.” -Caitlin Amans, author of “City of Refuge”

“My hat's off to whoever did the coverage. What's funny is I had two currently professional screenplay writers go through it and neither caught some of the stuff you guys did. Plus I've been through it so many times that I didn't pick up on some of them either! GOOD JOB.” -Chris Gross, author of “Emilio and Bobby”

“The coverage was truly excellent. The feedback was lengthy, detailed, constructive and specific to my script. It analyzed my overall story, characters, theme, tone, subplots, presentation and even suggested a potential pitch strategy. Also lightning fast turnaround. I plan to use this service for my future scripts. It’s top notch.” -Melissa Goetz, author of “Headhunter”


“Gary and I just want to thank you and tell you how grateful we are for the wonderful and professional service you provide. Your readers are first rate, and their feedback helped us enormously. It was right on! We ran with their notes and now believe the script lives up to what the second reader said was, "every potential to become something truly special. The kind of piece that not only garners significant interest from agents, production companies and studios, but also could be an excellent calling card to get writing assignments in both features and television." Wow!” -Janet Weintraub, author of "Takin' Crap”

"There is no other service out there that will turn a script around with this speed and cost.  You've given me excellent coverage on three of my scripts and even matched the script to the reader that is most experienced with that genre! Not only is the coverage detailed but you've been extremely professional with all correspondence and payment processes." -Amanda Costa, author of "Augustine" and "Groupie"

“I just wanted to thank you and whoever covered my script. I agree so much with the criticisms and am currently revamping it accordingly. Am I able to re-submit it within a few weeks? Your site rocks!!” -Evan Cooper, author of “Third World Holiday”

“Thanks so much for all your help on the scripts. I now have a new direction to take each of them in. It really did help, and for the cost was well worth every cent. Your service has been very helpful. Please thank your readers for me." -Tim Martin, author of “Summer With Dad”

“Thanks for the fast response time! You guys are awesome. Please thank your reader for me. It was very detailed and very, very helpful. Thanks for the honesty. It was exactly the feedback I needed. I’ll definitely send my next script to you for coverage as soon as I finish it.” -Sam Kesler, author of “Jack’s Law”

“I didn’t want to pay for someone to read my script, but for the price of 2 contests, I got valuable notes that put me in a better position to actually win and make some money. The reader was a pro and I was impressed with the under-24 hour response time, considering they wrote about specific details in the script, obviously giving it some thought. It’s really eye opening to hear what’s working and what’s not by someone who knows the business.” -Tim Bruns, author of “October Photographs”

"ScreenplayCoverage.com seriously rocks at the top of my list, and I've used dozens of services." -T.L. Lewis, award winning author of "Rebirth"

"You guys are not only FAST... But, GOOD too! Thanks for the very insightful script coverage and comments from your reader. Honestly, I didn't think I could get this high level of detail so fast, at such a good price! I really figured it would be a bunch of "canned - mail-merged" commentary that would be of no use to me. Sorry for being a bit skeptical. But, you guys do an EXCELLENT service for writers! Please let your reader know I really appreciate their time and constructive critique of my script "Daisy". Your reader DID confirm some of my gut instincts regarding issues with the script, and I really appreciated that. Thanks again, now, back to writing... " Eric Brown, author of "Daisy"

"Please pass on to your reader that I agree with most of the critique and that they did a good job. I will definitely take to heart the criticism, re-think my structural approach to the stories and use your services again. Thanks for an objective review, it's what I was looking for." -Jack Vandagriff, author of "The Sturgeon Kings"

"Thank you so much for the feedback on my screenplay. I can't tell you enough how valuable your input has been. I will make the prescribed changes and hopefully come away with a tighter, leaner script. Thanks for the quick turn around...under 24 hours to get the coverage back to me! Wow!! "-John Beradino, author of "Boots Rafferty"

"The quickest turnaround I've ever had for coverage -- and they were dead-on as well! Some of the best coverage and customer service I've ever had. Not only did your reader give me clear direction of where the problem areas are, but they gave me good advice on how to fix them.  I've use different coverage services that cost 2-3 times more, and they weren't nearly as good as yours, nor did they give me the amount of notes that you did. "A+" all the way around. I'll definitely be sending revisions back to you." -Tim Earnheart, author of "The Exec"

"We thought your reader delivered detailed and thoughtful comments and they are extremely helpful to us. Some comments were gratifying. Some comments that he probably didn't think of as positives were gratifying to us. It's very hard when you've read your own material over and over again and edited this way and that, to tell that you lost the point the audience was supposed to get. The writer just can't see it anymore. His feedback was just great! We're still mining the gems in the material he gave us and working to make this the best script we can." -Nancy Reynolds, co-author of "Kidnapping Gone Hollywood" and"Maxwell Older"

"I certainly got my money's worth with two coverages here on one script. It is so valuable to study two different reviews. I will do a rewrite and there is no doubt that I will send your company that draft to cover. I want to thank you for your work and for how quickly you got back to me with follow up answers to my questions. You are fine people to work with." -Stephen Maidment, author of "When Darkness Falls"

"I recently had 3 scripts read and reviewed. Amazingly fast and the analysis was extremely helpful and detailed. You can't beat this service for the price and quality of critique." -Bill Johnston, author of "Laramie"

"The coverage was thorough and concise. The reader did a fabulous job. This is my first script and the insight was well worth the cost of admission. I'd like to rework it and run the script past the same reader in the future if possible." -Joey May, author of "Going Back For Love"

"Your service is GREAT! I've sent a few screenplays through. The notes are accurate, thought out, thorough and honest! I've been telling all my writer friends - whether they're a new or a veteran writer, this is the help we've been waiting for." -Barry Stich, author of "The Innocent"


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